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1. Set aside some time everyday. It's better to be consistent with shorter time than to be inconsistent with longer time. Let it be a time when you are free to put in your heart and not a time when you are in a hurry. It can be early in the morning or in the quietness of the night, but it should be a time specially scheduled to meet God, the most important Person in the whole Universe.

2. Find a quiet place. Do not allow yourself to be disturbed during this period. Do not be in a place where you can be easily distracted, like in front of a switched-on television or radio, or where you can be distracted by your children or your favorite hobby.

3. Stay quiet for a while in an attitude of humility and faith. Know that you are getting into the Heavenlies, coming to the greatest Person in your life. Put your attention on Him. Refrain from entertaining all other thoughts, worries, fears or temptations that attempt to demand your attention. It may not be easy, but going through the next few steps and repeating them will bring you into the presence of God.

4. You may walk, sit, stand or even lie down. But do not rest your head on anything, or else you can easily doze off. This can happen when your soul begins to find rest, and you will not be able to complete your quiet time fruitfully.

5. Start with a prayer in Jesus Name. It is through this Name and only this Name that you are now about to enter the Spirit realm. Ask God to cleanse you with the blood of Jesus if you are reminded of any wrongdoing. The things that block you from God will surface when you draw near to Him. If necessary, make a decision before God to do what's right over all such matters.

6. Begin to worship Him. Speak in tongues (if you do), sing known and spiritual songs, speak words of adoration, praises and express your love to God. Do so with your heart and not just with your mouth. This will set you in the right attitude to come before God and to hear from Him. Continue until you feel restful in His presence. Never start a devotional time by pouring out your problems to Him.

7. Now that you are before God, and as led by His Spirit, you may speak or ask of Him for anything with these pointers: Firstly, what you say or ask (according to your best knowledge) should not be contradictory to the Scriptures nor the specific will of God for a particular matter. Be specific and know what you say. Secondly, learn to maintain the peace of God in your heart. You may lose the peace and the presence of God when you speak or decide against His will or when you stray off into topics that He does not want to talk about.

8. Be still and hear from Him. At times be quiet and listen. He may decide to reply you or He may not, or He may just give you a peaceful assurance that He has heard you and He is in control, or He may decide to tell you something else. Wait patiently and listen.

9. You may want to open the Bible, and read the scriptures. You will be surprised to see the scriptures becoming so alive and so applicable for your needs.

10. You may want to repeat step 6 to step 9 over and over again. And sooner than you realize, you would have well passed your set time to stop. Never be in a hurry to leave the presence of the Great King.

11. Finally, withdraw from His presence with a prayer of thanks. By now you would have realized that you have met God. Your face may not be shining like Moses but you know God has come to stay in your heart and your countenance radiates His peace and His assurance.

Israel CS Lim

Copyright Israel CS Lim, 1999
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