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A DREAM 97/06/17

I find myself journeying with a small group of people to a destination. We are following a path that was created by occasional men walking through. A few other people also come to join us by making their way through smaller paths, which lead to our path. Beside us, there is something like an expressway with a few cars zooming past.

On the left side, there is a large field, looking more like a park for relaxation. There are a lot of people in the park. They are having picnics, chatting and laughing. Some of the people who are behind in our in our group look at them as we pass by them. Somewhere in the middle of the park, there is a waterfall. The water from the waterfall is collected in what seems like a small pool. An animal, which looks like a giant otter, lives in the pool. A little boy is playing with it. They are tossing a ball. Suddenly, the otter bites the boy’s hand and the little boy gives a scream. Those people around the boy start going towards the boy, wanting to find out what happened. Suddenly, from behind the waterfall, a giant python springs out and attacks those unprepared people, crushing them and swallowing them. Those people run away from the python but the python wipes up most of them quickly.

My group sees all these from a distance. I am fascinated by the beauty of the python. It is a white python, with thickness like the height of an average man and the length of about a hundred standing men. Some of the members from my group are shaken and start to hide from the python.

Those people from the park who manage to flee from the python’s attack start running towards my group. Suddenly, I become aware that the python knows our presence and its senses are very sharp.

All this while, there is another group of people on our right side. They are dining in a restaurant. There is a large giant glass window that separates them from the chaos outside. The people in the restaurant are totally unaware of the chaotic situation outside. They are too engrossed in their own world. There are some waiters serving them. All the waiters are carrying walkie-talkies. They witness the whole situation outside but they did not do anything. I see them communicating with one another with their walkie-talkies.

Occasionally, one or two people in the restaurant look up and see what happened outside the glass window. They get scared and quickly run out of the restaurant.

The python starts chasing my group and some are crushed, while some seems to stand still and allow the python swallow them. Then in a split second, the python turns its attention to those in the restaurant. The python springs right into the restaurant, breaking the glass window, crushing and swallowing those waiters while the people in the restaurant run off. The python doesn’t need to spend much time in the restaurant. Almost as soon as it springs into the restaurant, it springs out and turns all its attention to my group.

My group runs into a high-rise building to hide. The building is full of doors, lifts and stairs. It looks like a good hiding place for us and we are all very relieved. Then the building becomes like a maze and soon many of my group members get lost and trapped in the building. The python comes quickly and swallows those who are hiding alone. There are people working in the building, but they do not help us. The python also swallow them.

I don’t know how some members and I manage to get up to the top of the building. I also don’t know why one of the members appears with a large container full of cooked stale rice but decides to put the container of rice at the edge of the building to lure the python.

Suddenly, the python appears to attack us but when it sees the container of rice, it wants to eat it. One of the members quickly pushes the container down the building and the python goes down with the rice (I can’t remember whether the member also falls down with the python).

We are safe for a moment. We decide to get our weapons to fight the python. We start taking out our weapons from a place where we kept them. The spear that is passed to me look rough and heavy, but when I examine it closer, the spearhead is made of wood that is so blunt and rotten. As we check all our weapons, we find that all of them are old and useless. The only weapons we have are a few handy penknives.

Suddenly, I decide to go home with my brother to warn our parents. The only people at home are my uncle, aunt and sister. My dad and mum are nowhere to be seen. As we are warning and explaining to them about the python, they look so indifferent. Suddenly, the python appears again and attacks my brother and me. We run out of our flat to the corridor. The only way for us to escape from the python is to jump off our 12th storey flat. We can’t go down by the stairs because our neighbours are all fighting and attacking one another at all levels.

My brother and I hold each other’s hand and we jump down our flat as the python comes toward us. We find ourselves flying down. As we land, we find ourselves in a place that looks like a market. There are a lot of people buying and selling all kinds of things. I run and see whether they sell any weapon that can be used against the python but there are none.

Suddenly, the intense situation just goes away. I see a place somewhere outside the park. There is a white cloth on the ground upon which we stand. People who survive the pythonís attack start coming toward the white cloth to join us.

And I woke up from my dream.

Karen Lek

Note: Someone across the globe on about the same night had almost exactly the same dream.  


The group of people I am journeying with are Christians who are aware of the truth and have decided to walk into the wilderness. They are traveling in a path marked out by others who have gone ahead. The few other people who join us along the way, from smaller paths may be either other Christians, or people converted from other religions. Those who are behind are slower. They are attracted by park and we had to hurry them along. The large expressway is for spiritual giants in Christ, who are in the fast lanes on the highway of God, moving in the same direction that we are going.

The people in the large field speak of lukewarm Christians who do not take God seriously. Their spiritual lives are leisurely, turning the church into a playground and a club for picnics, chatting and gossiping. The waterfall which is God’s Word, the living water, has been turned into a pond to keep their pet, instead of reaching out to save the lost. The Word is used for trivial needs rather than for life-giving purposes, and they are wasting their life and time on their own delights and the unimportant things of life, totally oblivious to the dying world. The pet, which is supposed to be harmless, becomes the idol and attacks the boy. The little boy represents the spiritually childish ones who do not think for others, and who needs much attention.

The lukewarm Christians come to find out what happened, but too late, a python springs out and attacks them. The Holy Spirit tells me that the white and beautiful python actually signifies the rise of the false Christ, the anti-Christ, that comes from behind the waterfall which speaks of deception using the Word. The python is so beautiful and magnificent that many will be fascinated. They are unprepared, crushed and swallowed. They try to run away, but most are quickly wiped up. Some of my group members are even shaken in their faith, tempted and start to hide from the python. Yet there were some who allow the python to swallow them so that they can help the others and also fight from inside. The people who run to join us are the rest who awake from their blindness. We can see all these happening from a distance.

The python is very big, 1 man’s thickness and 100 men long (men standing up). It is very sharp in its senses and knows our thinking because it is actually made up of our closed ones, loved ones, friends and relatives who know all about us and our whereabouts. That is when father will turn against son, daughter-in-law against mother-in-law. Many will be betrayed.

The people in the posh restaurant are the free thinkers and the unsaved souls. They do not know the chaotic happenings outside because they are engrossed in their own world, eating and dining well, and cannot hear because of the giant glass window. Occasionally, one or two people see what happened and they run out of the restaurant, seeing the impending danger. They may be those, whose hearts are ready for the Gospel, looking out of their own empty world. The waiters are also Christians, but they are hypocrites who serve as waiters to the unbelievers. They are like waiters of the world because they are beholden to the worldly people and wait on them. They think that by associating with the freethinkers and behaving like them, denying their religion and being protected by the giant glass window, that they will be safe. They carry walkie-talkies which means they have the spiritual connection with the Christians outside, they communicate with one another, but do nothing to warn the people in the world.

The python first tries to scare away my group members but suddenly turns its attention toward the waiters in the restaurant. But because the python is made up of people who know them, and remember that they are also Christians, they can’t escape from the python. The glass window looks so strong, but the python easily breaks through it and starts crushing and swallowing those waiters while the people run off. The restaurant is easy prey and pose no problem, no resistance to the python at all. It was a quick job. Now it again turns to our group.

The episode of the high-rise building speaks of men, who instead of looking to God, look to the outward size and greatness of organisations and buildings. The building, being full of doors, lifts and stairs looks like a good hiding place. There is nothing wrong with big churches, but the building represents big churches that can become a den of the python and the people that it houses become vulnerable for attacks in the following ways. When people look to the outward strength and sophisticated system for help and protection, or when such concept is used to flourish the church drawing people who seek to be identified with bigness for prestige and other wrong reasons. Or when it becomes a hiding place for many to disappear in the crowd. These can also be the hurting or the individualistic ones but basically, they represent also a group who choose to hide themselves there because they refuse commitment, responsibility, accountability and openness to be dealt with, like they would have to be if they are in small groups. Or when it is self-centred and has no true love to help others especially the weaker brethren. Such draws the python to make it its den, and the people that it houses become very vulnerable to attacks. Suddenly, I realise that the python actually swallow up those who are hiding alone, those who refuse to be with us who are in a group, and those indifferent people who maintain the place.

The Holy Spirit told me that the rice is actually the wealth and power of the world. It is the worldly things that many unbelievers and Christians desire. It is also what the python desires, so it is used to lure it. In times of persecution, there will be those who wake up to their senses and even make great sacrifices of their wealth, influence and even their lives to help the persecuted Christians. Like in the case of Schindler who saved thousand of Jews with his wealth at the time of Hitler.

Our weapons are blunt, useless and rotten. This represents our failure to take care of them and practice them. The Holy Spirit is saying that we have our weapons but we didn’t take them out for maintenance, therefore they all ended up worn off and useless.

My brother, me and my family are symbolic of the Christians and the scenario of the last days and not necessarily represent the actual persons and situation. Thus it is applicable to other Christians as well.

Then when I went home with my brother to warn my parents, we canít find them. At first, I donít understand why the python did not attack my aunt, uncle and sister. Then I suddenly realise that they are allies with the python. Although they did not attack us, they did nothing to help us. I am very surprised my sister is also with them because she is still so young (for even the very young ones can be deceived.) I then also understand that my parents must belong to the other group of people in the market place. Jesus warn us that daughter-in-law will turn against mother-in-law, father against son, if they are not in the Lord.

I donít understand why we must jump down from the 12th storey to escape from the python and it seems ridiculous. But it is because our neighbours, the world has no more peace and they are attacking one another. Suddenly I realise that in order to jump down, we need great faith and courage. The Holy Spirit brings my attention to the verses in the Bible, "The just shall live by faith" (Rom. 1:17, Gal. 3:11). We have to trust in God's way to be safe.

The market place represents the world and people from other religions. I got a strong feeling that my parents belong there. The things that they sell may represent their religious articles. My desperate desire to fight back the python and my curiosity made me to run to see whether they sell any weapons to fight the python, but there was none!

The white cloth represents Christ. Those who survive the attack from the anti-Christ start to come together in unity on the white cloth. We had to take up position and responsibilities at the cloth. The people that step out of the python's skin are those who gave themselves to help and fight in the python and also those who see the truth while in the python.

I felt that God is telling me or even the churches that in order to survive the battle of the anti-Christ, we must have faith, we must be like our father Abraham, man of great faith. (Gal 3:6-9)


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