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The Bible speaks of a great Battle that will be fought in the Last Days in Israel. We are not too far from those perilous times. The Jewish and Arab enmity is one of the potent ingredients that will escalate towards that Terrible Day. Right now, Israel is living out the prophetic days of Jacob’s Trouble, i.e. being pursued by his brother Esau & Ishmael. Why are the Arabs bent on driving Israel into the sea? Why did Saddam Hussein, in the Gulf War in 1991, boast of "riding into Jerusalem on a white horse"? Is it just a matter of giving up a piece of land here and a piece of land there for "peace"? Let’s look further beyond the surface.

A Brief Historical Background

The Jews and Arabs descended from the great Patriarch Abraham, whom they both revere greatly. The Bible records that the Jews were the offspring of Isaac, the promised son and heir of Abraham while the Arabs are the descendants of Ishmael and Esau. Both Jews and Arabs have much things in common such as observance of the Torah (the Law), monotheism, circumcision, etc.

The Claims of the Arabs and Israelis

The Arabs claim that the entire Palestine rightfully belongs to them. They claim that the Israelis came to dispossess their land from them after the Second World War. They claimed that they were the pre-dominant population of modern Palestine before the great influx of Jews from Europe and all over the world. The Jews however, turn to the Bible to say that Palestine was the Promised Land that God gave to them. They could substantiate their claim to the fact of the great conquest by Joshua and the sovereign rule of King David and subsequent kings. The Israelis claimed that God had used them to fulfil once again His prophecy that He will turn the wasteland into a land of goodness. The Israelis had transformed modern-day Israel into an oasis of abundant fruits, a progressing and industrialised nation, a nation full of talented people who could develop sophisticated indigenous self-defence systems. The very existence of Israel is a Miracle, having survived two almost fatal wars, and numerous enemies in the north, east and south. Today, there are about 4.7 million Jews living in the land. The Promise of God has come to pass. No man can stop it!

What Went Wrong With Their Relationship?

There are more things than meets the eye. Prophetically, the Bible already tells us that Israel will live in enmity with his brethren, the Arabs, who will hunt him down as Esau did to Jacob, Ishmael to Isaac. Later, because of his disobedience, God caused foreign forces to displace Israel and occupy Jerusalem as early as the first century. The potent brew of enmity reached its boiling point when the Moslem Turkish forces occupied Jerusalem and made the Arabs a pre-dominant populace of Jerusalem. Today, right in the centre of Jerusalem sits the mosque, "Dome of Rock", the third most holy place of Islam. The Arabs vowed to protect and guard the Mosque with their very own lives. However, it is built on the grounds of the great Temple of Jerusalem built by Solomon himself. The Jews had on several occasions tried to capture and possess the temple mound. In 1967, many heroic Jewish men and soldiers cried as they recaptured the temple mound from the hands of the Arabs in the Six Days War. As the years progressed, Israel was forced into a state of "peaceful" co-habitation with his ever vengeful cousins, the Arabs. Lands seized by Israel from two victorious wars had to be returned and traded for "peace" …. but we know that Jesus warned us to be careful when we hear of "peace, peace, peace". We ought to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem" (Ps 122:6), as we await the inevitable Day of the Lord.

Matthew Chan
BA(B.Th), B.Eng(Mech)
El-Shaddai Conventions
A member of Patriarchy Website


Copyright Matthew Chan, 1998
This article was first published in the Word Aflame Newsletter, of El-Shaddai Conventions,
The Training Arm of our Vision.


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