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Historically, the Jews and Arabs are Semitic people from the same ancestry. In fact, they descended from Abraham, their common patriarch.

The Arabs are descendants of Ishmael & Esau. God prophesied in the book of Genesis that this nation shall live in hostility toward all his brothers, including and especially their half-brothers, the Jews.

Genesis 16:11-12
The angel of the Lord also said to her:
"You are now with child and you will have a son. You shall name him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard of your misery. He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers."

Historical Background

From the later half of the last century till now, the modern day Arabs are still at loggerheads with the Jews, both at the political and religious fronts.

Jerusalem is the melting pot of the world. It houses the world’s three most important Theistic religions i.e. Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Nowhere else on this planet earth is there a place so sensitive as in Jerusalem. Politically, Arabs are bent on reclaiming the whole of Jerusalem for the state of Palestine. Their justifications lie in contemporary history that proves that the Palestinian Arabs were the rightful owners of Palestine and Jerusalem in particular, before the Jews began migrating back to Jerusalem from Europe and the rest of the world, especially after World War II.

On the other hand, the Jews are also rightful owners of Palestine as the Bible clearly shows that from the times of Joshua to David to Solomon to the Kings, the Israelites were the residents of Greater Israel. Moreover, God promised that the Land of Israel, is the Land of Promise for His people, the Jews.

Evidence of Arab Hostility and Enmity Found in the Internet

1) Reports continue that Syria, now in conjunction with Iran and Iraq, is preparing for a surprise attack on Israel. The reports suggest Damascus is planning a series of provocative moves designed to make the war look defensive in nature. Eventually, we know from Bible prophecies, such a war will backfire on Syria. According to Isaiah 17, the city of Damascus, one of the oldest in the world, will become a heap of ruins, literally ceasing to be a city.

2) The Bible tells us, for instance, that the primary staging ground of the conflict will be the Middle East. It will be a war fought over the city of Jerusalem. The initial attack will be led by Russia along with a coalition of Arab and African allies. You don't have to be an intelligence analyst to see the "Armageddon axis" emerging. But it does help to read between the lines of your daily newspaper. Recently Iran agreed to redeem Syrian debt to the former Soviet Union so that Russia could resume arms supplies to Damascus. Iran paid Moscow $500 million so that Syria could receive $650 million worth of new arms. Next year, as part of the same agreement, Iran will pay Russia $1 billion so that Syria can purchase another $2.5 billion in armaments. "Iran stretches along our southern border and has behaved with great restraint in certain disputes in ex-Soviet republics and within Russian territory," explained a senior Russian official. "It is therefore in our interest to build up our relations with Iran." British Intelligence analyst, Joseph deCourcy says this point underscores why the U.S. and the West will never be able to drive a wedge between Tehran and Moscow. Worse yet, there is growing evidence that Iran and Russia are pulling Iraq into that alliance as well. In Ezekiel 38:5, old Persia is modern-day Iran and Iraq aligned with Meshech [Moscow].

3) "We shall be the first to sell arms to Iraq when the embargo is lifted," said that same Russian official. Russia isn't waiting for the embargo to be lifted before signing oil deals with Iraq. The two nations have agreed to a 23-year, $70 billion deal to develop the Qurnah oil field in southern Iraq. The only surer sign that we are in the latter days would be to see Russia and Turkey mend their fences. Right now, Turkey is competing with Russia for the hearts and minds of the republics of Central Asia. But, when it comes to doing business with each other, the two traditional rivals have become quite friendly. Recently, the two nations agreed to a major natural gas deal worth $13.5 billion that could lead to the building of another pipeline. (In Ezekiel 38:6, Togarmah is present-day Turkey). Even Egypt, the only Arab nation with which Israel has signed a peace treaty, is moving ever closer into this regional power bloc. Egypt, with one of the largest armies in the Middle East, has been holding talks with Iran and the two nations are on the verge of a rapprochement, according to intelligence sources. (In Daniel 11:40, Egypt is the king of the south). "A move by Cairo towards Tehran would be a sure sign that Egypt was slowly reorienting itself towards the war party, and the significance of such a move could hardly be exaggerated, given the truth of the old Middle East adage that the Arabs cannot make war without Egypt (or peace without Syria)," says deCourcy.

Matthew Chan
BA(B.Th), B.Eng(Mech)
El-Shaddai Conventions

Copyright Matthew Chan, 1997
This article was first published in the Word Aflame Newsletter, of El-Shaddai Conventions,
The Training Arm of our Vision.


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