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Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Patriarchal Christianity Is Biblical Christianity
What man and woman should be according to the Word of God.
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Polygamy, Polygyny, Concubines & Jesus:
Another Look for Christians.
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Is Polygamy Sin? An Interesting Debate.

Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Polygamy In Jewish History
Was polygamy really acceptable in biblical times? Find out the actual cause of the decline of polygamy.

Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Testimonies of 2 Godly Women
Ladies, your life will change after reading this!
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Polygamy Truth For Young Courting Couples -
The truth concerning polygamy is not just for people who are polygamous, but those who want a good marriage foundation.
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) A Vocal Female Advocate Of Polygamy - A woman's search for the polygamy truth that drew out few hundreds others who express the same view, and also her findings on polygamous families.

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Lee Kuan Yew On Polygamy For Nation Building A speech was delivered 11 years ago. But it's worth reiterating. The speaker was one who was at the helm, leading Singapore to where it is in the world today, one whom the Singaporeans will always be grateful for, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The concerned Prime Minister, now Senior Minister of Singapore, during a talk on "How To Keep Our Bearings In The Midst Of Rapid Changes", gave directions to the would-be leaders of Singapore, the University students. In it he mentioned polygamy as a solution to deal with some impending challenges confronting Singapore.
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Will Singapore Law Allow Polygamy?
Check this out, especially for Singaporeans.
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Canada - Polygamy Bill Yes, believe it or not, a bill in favour of polygamy!
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Monogamy as a Prisoners Dilemma: Non-Monogamy as a Collective Action Problem. A view of a female sociologist.
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes)
Polygamy Could Help Moms Who Work NOW, National Organisation For Women states her stand to embrace polygamy as an acceptable alternate lifestyle.
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Polygamy - The Ultimate Feminist Lifesyle I've often said that if polygamy didn't exist, the modern American career woman would have invented it. Because, despite its reputation, polygamy is the one lifestyle that offers an independent woman a real chance to "have it all".
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Part-time Marriages - The Fulfillment Of Isaiah 4:1 This polygamous marital form marks the emergence of a new era, an alternate life-style that will take the world by storm. Unless the scriptural form of polygamy is properly embraced and thoroughly expounded, the Church is going to be at a loss in coping with such world-wide changes.
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) What Is A Cult? The legal view does give us some assurance and also guidelines to identify what can be the destructive elements of a cult. On the other hand, it is also a warning that passing careless judgements may tantamount to slandering, evil speaking and even libel and defamation .
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Man - Nature's Monogamists A newspaper abstract questioning whether if man by nature is   monogamous. Also featuring a thought-provoking view of the alleged Affairs Of President Clinton.
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Sara's Secret
As a teenager, she hid a terrible truth from her classmates: She came from a polygamous family. Exposure would have meant ridicule and ostracism.

Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) The Feminist Movement
Its impact is enormous, but it is neither modern nor social in origin. It is highly religious. Follow this link and find out what it really is.
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) The Impact Of Feminism On Family How does feminism view patriarchy, man and family? This article will give you surprises and show you what you must know about this movement.
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) The Infiltration Of Feminism In The Church
More shocking discoveries. The Church is in chains and shackles, and does not know it!
Red-Dot.gif (282 bytes) Women Of The Bible: Lilith, Eve, Hannah, Jezebel, Vashti Shocking Feminist Interpretations. Lilith the pagan she-demon and dark goddess is being honored as goddess of the Feminism Movement, and Vashti as the Beautiful Heroine. Eve and Lot's wife are declared curious and innocent, while Jezebel and Delilah are justified as strong women who dared challenge conventional submission, thus were put into a bad light by the male authors of the Bible. Hannah, the mother of Samuel is immortalized, becoming the role-model for Mary, the mother of Jesus. These are being taught at the Department of Women's Studies, University of Arizona. Note: Every student, as part of course project, will have to put up a website to propagate such teachings.


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